Sophisticated sex toys are big on the trend. But what can the new toys really do? Erotic expert has invited six little seducers to the test and presented beginners guide to anal hooks.

Leaving one of the current vibrators lying open on the living room table, one can be sure that some friends ask very astonished: “What is that?” Because sex toys you see their intended use or pure lust! Mostly no longer on today for more and more couples, adult toys are part of imaginative sex. According to a survey by the University of Indiana, 70 percent of men no longer fear electronic helpers as competitors. Just like women, men are not afraid to experiment with sex toys nowadays. Stoned men try cock cages as much as men who aren’t under the influence.  They are even open  to using You do not even have to – on the contrary because the gadgets give even more intense feelings during sex when they are not even involved: Many women who regularly use a vibrator alone, come with the partner easier to orgasm, because the toys keep the center of excitement in the brain in a mood but enough of the preface.Time to tell what the toys are about.

The clitoris booster

Let’s take the “Womanizer” clitoral stimulator first. He is no bigger than a hairbrush and is comfortable in the hand. And let’s go: The circular silicone attachment is placed around the clitoris. Not only that: The orgasm generated by the indirect stimulation lasts for a very long time and is also very intense. This is probably due to the slight vacuum created by the nipple on the clitoris.

The pair vibrator

Of course, with all the fun on the devices, sexuality is especially beautiful when you can share the intimacy of the moment with a loved one. And there is even a perfect toy for it: A nice, well-designed accessory is the “We Vibe Match pair vibrator”, which not only offers two arms for stimulation, but also independently adjustable motors and vibrates at several ends in ten different strengths; this can even be controlled by app! And: The “We Vibe Match” is also perfect for discrete pair games in public, because with the remote control, the partner can control the vibrator. Suggestion: Come here today. And then you come together again.

The lay-up vibrator

Not quite as vehement, but all the more elegant. For women it stimulates clitoris and labia, but is also suitable for men – or for couple games. The “Form 5” has a fairly large contact surface, so you can get it very close to him. Imagine being stimulated by a big, vibrating tongue.

The electric gloves

Have you ever tried EMT? This is the training method of squeezing into rubber suits and then being hit by power surges while squatting with groaning joints. Following a similar principle, but incomparably more pleasurable, Mystic’s “Magic Gloves” work, through which gentle currents flow. This is a tingling experience that does not necessarily lead to orgasm, but still in the middle of a pleasant shudder. An additional kick can be to be stimulated by the partner – great for role-playing games. go buy at

The vibrator necklace

To stand by his sexuality is the key to a satisfied life. However, whether you are so open to wear the “Vesper Vibrator Necklace”, a vibrator on the necklace, into the office is probably a matter of taste. The piece of jewelry is not necessarily a companion to the first date, unless you want to get to the point quickly. But apart from that, it is of course a sexy accessory for evenings for two, which delicately suggests what could happen later. And practical for business trips that keep you away from home for longer than the usual two or three days because the chain fits in every beauty bag. The vibrator itself is small, but quite effective. Only one has afterwards the feeling, one would have satisfied himself with a ballpoint pen. But that’s also a matter of taste.

The G-spot stimulator

The “G-Vibe 2 Anatomical Massager” teach all G-spot doubters a better one. He stimulates said zone on the vaginal wall, and with so much dedication that an orgasm guarantee is almost given. Let’s put it this way: There are really few men who do this trick so well.

What do you have to watch out for anal dildos?

Most conventional dildos can also be used anal as you like, like the Lelo Ella. As with all games with the back door, the use of anal dildos must initially be very cautious. The use of sufficient lubricant goes without saying. If pain or unpleasant sensations, you should try it slower or with a smaller diameter.

It is important that an anal dildo should not be introduced too deeply. Once the sphincter has closed behind the toy, it may become a problem to pull the toy out again. Therefore, it is recommended to use dildos with a ring to retract or a widening that prevents too much slipping in from the start.

Otherwise, the maxim is that with increasing excitement, the back door is always relaxed and can also be wilder stimulated. In particular, the male is from a certain excitement of the P-point important and can give him with stimulation with an anal dildo a very hot orgasm, with a little luck even multiple orgasms.

But even for women, anal dildos certainly have their appeal: The female G-spot can be indirectly stimulated by the vaginal wall. Since a male penis usually does not reach the G-spot during sex, it can be stimulated during sexual intercourse, for example, by an anal dildo and a climax can be reached in unknown dimensions.

What is so special about glass dildos?

A relatively new material for dildos is glass. This material has several advantages: The surface is extremely smooth and glides optimally even without much lubricant. In addition, glass dildos are very easy to clean – and the cold glass, especially at the first penetration again for extra tingling. To increase this tingling, the good piece can be cooled down a little longer before use in the refrigerator. A prime example of a glass dildo in a class of its own is “The Golden Love”, whose design perfectly suits the female G-spot and stimulates the clitoris every time it penetrates. You have to watch BDSM films and movies on male chastity for you to understand how the dynamics of sex and special sex toys work.

Written by
Edward Welsh