I started using anal plugs 3 weeks ago, I feel my anal muscles are tighter and more even. Honestly I pushed my self to devote at least 10 min for this routine, so now besides getting a nicer skin, I learned to find some time for myself in this hectic life!


I thought they were so gorgeous! These anal plugs are several levels above in quality of most of the sex toys I’ve seen out there. Super top quality, both in the quality of the rubber and the construction itself. I can tell that these actually make a difference. 


I have used these plugs for over two years as my source for my doctor recommended them. Always, the shipments come well packaged and prompt. Their prices are some of the best. I especially like the autoship discounts and features so that I don’t have to take time to keep reordering. When I have spoken to the staff they have been polite and efficient in answering my questions and helping to meet my needs.


Since starting my anal plug my mood has never felt better. I feel overall happier, more energetic, focused, motivated, and have a more positive outlook on life. I’m so happy to find a natural solution for my mood.


After using my new butt plug, I sat in my car, and I took some time to feel every bit of the pleasure of being in my “new” body. (Indeed, I still am.) It was as though it had taken all the loose circuitry and put it back together in the most extraordinary way. Indeed I feel more whole, centered and juicy then I have in years. It provided a space for me that allowed me to fully relax, feel safe and open my heart. That is no small feat. I am incredibly grateful for this most sublime experience. It is indeed a gift to this world and how fortunate am I to have experienced the magic.