The term “prostate massage” refers to the application of pressure on the prostate, with fingers or a sex toy often bringing the release of prostatic fluids. On this point, you are already supposed to be aware of this phenomenon if you read my other articles like “Prostate pleasure in humans “and” Prostate stimulation and prostatic orgasm “on the subject or just if you already had this knowledge.

Prostate Massage with your Fingers: Why Choose a Finger?

For beginners and for those who are intimidated by modern looking plugs, rubbing your prostate can bring you completely different sensations from what you usually have during penis stimulation. The massage of the prostate, even if nowadays, its existence becomes more and more known to men and women, has a long history in the medical field. If sex toys have their advantages, the fingers also present their interests simply because they are the elements with the most dexterity of your body. They offer a wide variety of sensations and allow many types of movements.

Using your fingers, you can easily feel the differences in textures and levels. One can easily bring a precise pressure on the prostate. In addition to that, you can easily add a finger or remove one. This following the sensations that one wishes to obtain. And then, it’s still a part of your body in contact with another. Because of this, each man can practice massage of his prostate.

Prostate Massage: Some Tips

In order to get a pleasant Prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction, there are a few things to know. Things you could learn from your experience. The first could remember is that it is better to caress the prostate than to push your finger. It can hurt a lot and know what you are talking about.

Use the Pulp

By using the pulp of your fingers, the pressure is more diffuse. While using the tip of your finger, the full force of the pressure exerted is concentrated on a very small area of your prostate. As stated, putting pressure on a very small area is really not what is advisable. In short, avoid touching the prostate in the same way that you press the doorbell of a house, it is not pleasant, see perhaps painful.

The Different Stages

However, when we talk about massage, there are different stages. Indeed, most men, including you in the lot, can enjoy high pressure and rapid movements on their prostate during orgasm or at a very pronounced stage of excitement. But a massage never starts on the hats of wheels. Start with simple caresses! Learn to tame the sensations that this gives you! By starting slowly, the excitement will rise of itself allowing you not following to build your pleasure as and when. If you do not know, a prostate massage takes time while masturbating can be done very quickly to get orgasm.

Learn to build your pleasure

We must learn to build his pleasure. For this, you have to know how to increase the intensity of the pressure as the minutes scroll. For example, increase the pressure slightly every 2-3 minutes or increase the speed of your movements little by little. But be careful, do not go too fast. For me, what works best is to take a path close to the one that can be found in the roller coaster.

The Stimulation in the form of a Roller Coaster

Every time the intensity of prostate massage drops, it is as if you press a button to reset the nerves of this area. Light stimuli will not bring much sensation because of the stronger stimulation you have previously exerted. But quickly, the body will readjust to this light sensation, allowing returning to a stronger feeling as soon as the intensity of the pressure increases again, seeing even stronger than a few minutes ago.

Importance of Rhythm and Variety

Because of this, rhythm and variety are important for a prostate massage. For a good session, you need to keep a fixed pace, so you have to repeat what you do continuously without making any changes. If the caresses are not repeated at a continuous pace, it can be difficult for you to relax because you do not really know what will happen at home. On the contrary, a steady and continuous movement and pressure allows you to get used to the feeling experienced and thus to relax in this known and pleasant situation. Learn more at

The Massage of the Prostate with fingers: The trap of being with two

Moreover, there is a certain trap when you practice a massage of the prostate with your partner. It is likely that when you have a strong attitude of excitement during the massage of your prostate by your partner that it wants to give you even more pleasure, intensifying then his caresses but completely abandoning the rhythm. This is a perfectly normal answer, but can completely destroy the construction of pleasure. Of course, you should not keep a kind of stimulation too long. Your body can get used and eventually the pleasure becomes more moderate. It is therefore necessary to vary when it is the right moment.

Combination Prostatic Massage and Blow job

When you are with your partner, it is quite possible to combine prostate massage with oral sex or masturbation. However, it is advisable to know the sensations that give the prostate massage before launching. Be able to take pleasure in the massage, for those who only have the habit of being sexually stimulated by their penis.

On the other hand, knowing the two sensations well, one can completely alternate the stimulation of the penis and the prostate. Just having one hand on the penis without masturbating and the other in the prostate, sensations are different. It is also very pleasant to be masturbated or suck during a prostatic massage. Especially with each change of pace or penis stimulation, a small detour to the prostate to caress her. This allows renewing the excitement during changes. Likewise, if your partner wants it, the partner can try to coordinate penis and prostate stimulation. Nevertheless, keep in mind that rhythm is the key to a good prostate massage! Do not sacrifice rhythm for speed!

Written by
Edward Welsh