How to use a Butt Plug for the first time

Are you new to booty play and anal toys? Begin exploring the amazingly erogenous zone of the anus using a small, beginner friendly butt plug, and you’ll quickly realise what all the fuss is about!

The thought of using a buttplug for the first time may seem a little scary. After all, you don’t know what to expect – it might not fit, it could hurt, there could be poop… But never fear, because the beginners’ butt plug is a great way to “ease” yourself into anal play. Once you’ve bought your first butt plug, it’s time to use it!

butt plug anal trainer set with pen for size comparrison. For anal beginnersFirst-time butt plug users should start with a small butt plug, or anal training kit.

Using a butt plug for the first time is super simple! But to help to put your mind at ease, here are seven simple steps to help ensure your first butt plug experience is a positive and pleasurable one. metal shiny silver butt plugs in three sizes for beginners

1. Start Small
Using a butt plug for the first time doesn’t have to be challenging or painful, thanks to the range of sizes available. Your first butt plug should be the same size or just slightly wider than your middle finger. The tip of the anal plug should be tapered and rounded to make it easier to insert, and opt for a smooth shape rather than textured to make it simpler to insert.

It’s important to start with a small butt plug suited for beginners. If you start slow, warm up and gradually increase the size of plugs you have very little risk of stretching your anus. Over time you will be able to work your way up to larger and larger toys if that is your goal, and anal sex will be a lot more comfortable and pleasurable if you get used to using butt plugs first!

2. Always use Butt Plugs with a flared base
A flared base is essential for any butt plug to ensure it doesn’t get drawn into the sphincter. Beginners should look for especially wide flared bases for peace of mind, such as a T-bar base. Never insert objects into the rectal area that were not designed for it – this is for your safety!

3. Clean up before you start Anal Play
It’s highly recommended that you clean your anus thoroughly before you start a session with a butt plug for obvious reasons. This can be done by having a shower, or using an anal douche. It is also a good idea to clean your toys with warm water and soap before and after each session, and use a good quality sex toy cleaner.

4. Use Lubricant
The key for smooth insertion when using a butt plug first time is lubricant. Lube is absolutely essential for anal play, and your anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Slather the tip of the butt plug and all down the body and neck of the plug with lubricant, plus a small amount to the entrance of your anus. Using ample lube can be the difference between a fantastic session with a buttplug or a painful extraction!

We recommend starting with a water-based lubricant because is washes off sheets easily, is safe to use with all sex toys regardless of the materials they’re made from, and is body safe.

5. Insert the Butt Plug slowly
Hold the tip of the buttplug against your anus entrance, angled slightly towards your stomach. Gently push to insert the tip, then stop. Take your time to insert the full length of the plug if you feel comfortable enough to do so. Your plug is fully inserted once the slim ‘neck’ of the plug is inside and the flared base rests against the outside of your bottom. Remember – the base off the butt plug should stay outside the body at all times!

6. Be Patient
When using a butt plug, and any other anal sex toy, patience is a virtue. Don’t ever try to force the plug in before your anus is properly warmed up because this could result in tearing, which won’t be pleasurable and will probably put you off anal play for life! If you feel any pain, this is your body telling you to stop and try again next time – listen to the cues. It will take time for your body to get used to anal play and let you experience its pleasures!

7. Have Fun and Experiment
The anus is another erogenous orifices that deserves our attention. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, so explore your body and experiment with different types of anal plugs (metal, glass, silicone) and different sizes and textures to see what you like best. Relax, take your time and enjoy!