The topic of anal sex remains delicate, even from the point of view of professionals. According to them, anal orgasm is much stronger than the vaginal and clitoral.But for most girls, the first experience leaves unpleasant memories. This is because the partners irresponsibly approach the process.

Preparing for anal sex

The first thing you need to do an enema, you can notify your partner about it so that he feels calmer. Do not forget to prepare anal lubricant. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or sex shop.

Prepare the anus

There are several options – grease, fingers or tongue. You can start right away with sex toys. To prolong the life of intimate accessories, wear a condom on them. In the final, in any case, the toy should be washed with warm water and soap or antiseptic. Then there are the questions like can you boil a silicone butt plug?

For foreplay fit butt plug or dilator, which will help to relax the walls of the anus? You can choose toys with vibration that will increase the fun. Do not stop at one version, change and alternate accessories.

How to tease the anus?

First you need to excite a woman. Start with sweet words and kisses, and then move to erogenous zones. Try to have traditional sex while stimulating your partner.

Moisten the anus abundantly to avoid pain. Slowly and gently open it, introducing the little finger or sex toy. Massage the entrance in a circular motion, because according to experts, the majority of nerve endings are located there.

Main part

When a partner is excited enough, go to the dildos. Listen to the preferences of the girl, perhaps she wants to immediately double penetration. Do not forget about abundant moisturizing lubricant.

In principle, the main part of anal sex is not different from vaginal. Work with toys, strap on,and stimulate zones with hands and mouth.

At the time of orgasm, stop for a second, and then continue. This will help the girl to experience a second orgasm. If the partner is tired, pull out the sex toy, leaving the tip at the entrance, and continue teasing it.

Rest after anal sex

After the first time, do not get too carried away. The next day, the girl will have pain in the anus. But gradually a condensed ring will appear around the anus, which will help to have sex at any time.

What anal toys are suitable for beginners?

When classic sex becomes familiar and does not bring pleasure – it’s time to try something new. If the choice fell on anal sex, then people, who have never engaged in it, may have questions.

The main rule of anal sex is the lack of haste and quick movements. You must be completely relaxed so as not to feel discomfort. Try to start with a massage of the buttocks, gradually moving to the anus. Apply the lubricant to the little finger and slowly enter the partner. If he feels pain, then it is worth stopping. This will tell you how deep the anal toy should be.

Since there is no natural lubrication in the rectum, you should always use a lubricant. There are tools specifically for anal sex, they have a thicker consistency. You can also buy an anesthetic lubricant, which is perfect for the first time.

Anal beads with balls located on the telescopic principle, perfect for beginners. They perfectly stimulate the anus without stretching it too much. Before use, be sure to examine the beads for factory marriage. If they have sharp notches, cut them with a nail file.

Beads need to be thoroughly moistened with a lubricant and slowly introduced into the rectum. The ring in the base of the toy will serve as a safe limiter. Leave the beads inside and start the classic sex. When your partner is on top of the fun, gently pull the accessory out. You can experiment with the moment of pulling, for example, before or during orgasm.

Butt plugs have this name because they are designed to stay in the body. They have a narrow tip that allows them to easily slide inside. For the first experience, use the classic cork of a small size. Then you can try models with vibration, suction cups, expanding and others.

Butt plug also needs to be moistened with a thick lubricant. When the toy comes in, try to completely relax. Sometimes the cork pops back, so you have to practice.

After sex, the toys must be thoroughly washed with warm water and cosmetic soap, dried and stored separately from each other.

Basic rules for using the anal plug

Butt plug – a classic accessory to stimulate nerve endings in the anus. This device is ideal for the first experience. However, they also need to be able to use.Some recommendations will allow you to get maximum pleasure and make the process completely safe.


The anus cannot secrete natural lubrication because it is intended for other physiological needs. Therefore, if you decide to enjoy anal stimulation, you should get a lubricant. Liberally lubricating the toy, you can painlessly insert and remove the plug from the anus. If you do not use a lubricant, then such stimulation can turn into unpleasant sensations and injuries.


In such a delicate matter should not rush. Make smooth and measured movements, do not try to accelerate. To begin, enter the cork a few centimeters and let it go out on its own. Repeat the action several times, increasing the depth of the dive. This will allow the body to get used to a foreign object.

Application Methods

All anal sex toys can be used far outside the bedroom. To extend the pleasure, you cannot remove the cork. First, it is invisible under clothing, and secondly, it is used to develop the anus before sex. The longer you walk with an accessory, the easier it will be the first anal experience with the penis. Learn more at


You can give preference to any posture, but there are three standard positions that are very convenient for anal stimulation.

  • On knees
  • Missionary posture with a pad under his back
  • Squatting
  • Care

If you are not sure about the purity of the material, put a regular condom on the cork. In general, the accessory must be cleaned after each use. To do this, purchase an antiseptic or a special tool for cleaning sex toys.

Butt plug function

Popular sex toy with a variety of applications that you did not realize. What is an anal plug for and how to use it?

Butt plug is a small intimate device with a chain or limiter at the base. It is used during anal sex, regular sex games or for long wear. Cork enhances arousal stimulating the nerve endings of the anus. Constant squeezing of the muscles promotes blood flow and improves blood circulation.

How to use butt plug?

Preparing for anal sex

For this fit a set of accessories in different sizes. When the biggest will not bring discomfort, you can proceed to the introduction of the penis. To secure the result, wear a stopper for several hours so that the muscles become accustomed to a foreign body.

Written by
Edward Welsh