Butt plugs and hemorrhoids is great for both inexperienced and for lovers of anal sex. This intimate toy helps to get a bright orgasm. However, to get the desired pleasure from using such a toy, you need to follow simple rules.

Rule one – use a lubricant.

In the anus, in contrast to the vaginal, does not emit grease. However, if sex – a toy is not good to enter the anus, then the girl is unlikely to experience pleasure. Therefore, before the introduction of such a toy, you need to abundantly lubricate the anal passage with a lubricant, and then apply a lubricant on the sex toy. Only after that you can enter the anal plug.

Rule two – be careful.

The anus is not intended for sex; therefore, to enter into it any objects must be extremely careful. To introduce the anal plug need to smoothly, without sudden jerks and pressure. First, enter the toy for a centimeter and let the muscles of the anus get used to it, then slowly insert the stopper and leave it for a while so that the butt gets used to the foreign body.

Rule three – use the anal plug without restrictions.

If you have already practiced the use of anal plug, and you like it, then you should not limit yourself to its use. Butt plugs can be used anytime and anywhere: during sex, at work, during a walk. It is absolutely safe, and most importantly – nice. In addition, no one will even suspect you that there is an anal plug in your ass. Butt plug is recommended to use a few hours before anal sex, so that the member entered the ass easily and painlessly.

Fourth Rule – Experiment with postures.

Experts recommend during the use of anal plugs to choose these poses: squatting, on all fours, lying on your back with a pillow under your back. Just like using Ben Wa balls in yoga exercises, you can try different poses to find out which is the most pleasurable.

Rule number five – watch out for hygiene.

After each use, thoroughly wash and disinfect your sex toy. If the cork is rather big, then you can put a condom on it.

Best butt plug

Metallic or silicone, with vibration or pump, pink or black – the choice of anal plug, especially if you are buying an anal plug for the first time, this is a real dilemma. What the best butt plug should look like, and what functions to perform – you can hardly find it out in anatomy textbooks or scientific articles on sexology. The best advisers in this matter are your intuition, desires, and a little practice. It often happens that the first purchase is not the most successful, but this is not a reason to refuse such a forbidden and very sharp pleasure as anal caress. Armed with our advice, you can make the right choice, and your butt plug will not bring disappointment and will become a tool for learning new facets of sexual pleasures. If you are already moving along the path of comprehending sensual pleasures and using the anus to achieve new sexual sensations, this article will allow you to get acquainted with a huge variety of anal plugs, and perhaps wake up your imagination, push you to buy a new accessory. So let’s get started.


As in other product categories, the price of butt plugs correlates very closely with their quality. Butt plugs of a low price category, as a rule, are rather primitive and made of the simplest and most accessible materials. More expensive anal plug can perform several functions at once. For example, to be additionally equipped with vibration, to have a pump, a ring for errection, decoration at the base, a heating function, and so on. It will be much easier for those who already have the skills to use plug-ins to make their choice, because they already know what they want. Beginners should not chase fashionable chips, and, accordingly, a high price. It is necessary to give preference to the cork of the average price category, made of high quality material. Save on such a purchase is also not worth it. Some unscrupulous sellers offer butt plugs at a low price. This should be alarming, because such plugs can be harmful to health: phthalates can be contained in cheap plastics, the product can cause allergies or irritation of mucous membranes.

The form

The variety of forms of anal plugs is simply impressive. How not to get lost among this magnificence? If you are new to the topic, give preference to the drop-shaped or conical shape rather than those famous great kitty anal plugs which are for pros. Such sex toys are the best for beginners, because their introduction to the anus will be the most comfortable and painless, and the first experience of anal caress will be the most positive. For more sophisticated users today, there are butt plugs of the most incredible forms with additional relief for the most vivid sensations. So, anal plugs made in the form of a cone with convex transverse stripes over the entire diameter or a Christmas tree with lines increasing towards the base of the diameter. Thanks to this relief, it is possible to stimulate even the most inaccessible, at first glance, and hidden places of the anus and get incredible pleasure.

Curved anal plugs with a bias from the axis are designed to stimulate the prostate, which not only helps to improve men’s health, but also gives an unforgettable feeling: a powerful arousal and subsequent dizzying discharge. In addition, prostate massage – the key to men’s health. Without drugs and doctors, you can maintain high quality of erectile function for many years, and all the troubles that accompany prostatitis: pain, frequent urination, sexual dysfunction will bypass you. For more info, visit https://loveplugs.co/blogs/news/anal-sex-toy-safety

The size of the best anal plug

If you are just starting to comprehend the basics of anal sex with the help of sex toys, do not chase the size of the anal plug. For the first time, the most ideal option would be a small anal cork 2-3 cm in diameter and even better buy a set of anal plug. After all, if you want to prepare your ass for penetration, so that further anal sex does not cause pain or discomfort, the anus needs preliminary training. His muscles need a little stretch and strengthen. To avoid the need for buying larger and larger anal plugs, some manufacturers offer to purchase sets of anal plugs, which include 2-4 pieces of anal plugs of different diameters and lengths.

If you have already learned all the nuances and shades of pleasures of anal caresses, you will certainly want to try something more unusual and extreme. Extremely large butt plugs will help. Such corks will be a good help at the stage of preparing the anus for fisting, because their shape is ideal for training in preparation for this exclusive pleasure. The most common form of large anal plug is tapered or drop-shaped, this ensures its pleasant and comfortable insertion.

Written by
Edward Welsh