If you would like to increase your chances of orgasm or you are looking for a more intense climax, an anal orgasm might be something for you! Your anus contains countless nerve endings that can be stimulated in many different ways. And experts tell you how you can do that. But first experts explain what are anal beads and how an anal orgasm works!

About the anal orgasm

Let’s be honest right away: the anal orgasm does not actually exist. That may sound a bit odd, but it is not so strange at all. Although your anus contains a lot of nerve endings, those nerves are not made to get an orgasm. The vagina, clitoris, glans and prostate, on the other hand! Research shows that 94% of the women had an orgasm during anal sex.

Because of those many nerve endings it can be very pleasant to stimulate the anus, just as it can be nice to massage nipples or balls. You get a strong ‘anal orgasm’ when you satisfy your sphincter along with your other erogenous zones. Your clitoris, vagina or glans will therefore provide the orgasm, but the anal stimulation can make your highlight more intense. Now that you know that, we explain to you how you actually come to the so-called anal orgasm and what you need for that!

The preparation: lubricant

Always lubricate your fingers, anus and any sex toy with lubricant. Your anus does not moisturize itself as the vagina does. To prevent painful friction and make insertion easier, lubricant is a must. Use a thick lubricant that does not fade too quickly. There are gels made especially for your anus: anal lubricants. Be careful with a silicone-based lubricant. Silicone anal toys cannot be used against gels of the same material. The silicone can start recording each other so there is a chance that your toy will be affected.

Anal Lubricant – A short and handy guide

The chance is nil that you will only get ready from anal stimulation. That is why it is important that you also satisfy your vagina and / or clitoris. Decide for yourself what you like best. For example, you can stimulate your clitoris or vagina with your fingers, a clitoral vibrator or mini vibrator, while you massage your anus with your other hand by means of a toy.

Double dildo:  a double dildo is a sex toy with two dildo ends. One end is often narrower than the other end which makes it very suitable for double penetration. You bring the thick part to your vagina and the thin part to your anus. With one hand you can massage your clitoris while you move the dildo with your other hand. Go on your back or on your side for a comfortable position. A dildo we recommend is the double dildo or the Double Dong dildo from the Easy Toys Dildo Collection.

Trio vibrators:  when you’re looking for a toy that you do not have to move yourself or when you’re looking for something more than just penetration, you’re good at a trio vibrator. Many trio vibrators resemble a tarzan vibrator, but have an extra part: an anus stimulator. This stimulator can contain a small anal chain or just a lump that massages the outside of your sphincter. A good vibrator is the Love life Adventure vibrator. This vibrator lies comfortably in your hand and transmits strong vibrations to your clitoris, vagina and anus. Do you have anything less to spend? Then we can recommend the trio vibrator Proposition.

Tips: anal orgasms for men

Both homosexual and heterosexual men can do anal sex. Men can enjoy anal sex in different ways. It gives an extra dimension to your orgasm when you stimulate your anus before and during your peak. While you masturbate you can use an anal sex toy to achieve a violent orgasm. But there is another way to enjoy anal satisfaction: a prostate massage!

Prostate massage

As a man you may have heard of it or you have even tried it before: massaging your prostate. Your prostate is a small organ that ensures the creation and transport of sperm fluid. The prostate is extremely sensitive and you can feel it 5 inches deep in your anus on your belly. This spot is also called the P-spot. A prostate massage can result in intense and delicious orgasms. You can try it with your fingers, but there are also special prostate toys that make massaging your prostate a lot easier.

The pleasure of prostate massage – the male g-spot

Prostate dildos:  prostate dildos have a curved tip so they can easily massage the prostate. You can move the dildo up and down to stimulate the right spot. A good dildo is the curved prostate dildo of EasyToys Men Only. The handle makes it easy to hold and move. Do you want a dildo that you can easily insert and slide out easily? Then try the Dr. Joel Anal dildo from CalExotics.

Prostate vibrators:  when you are looking for something more than just massaging, there are special prostate vibrators. In addition to being able to move the vibrator up and down, the toy also emits vibrations that stimulate the prostate, which can make your orgasm even more intense! A must is the Vibrating Vamp Anal vibrator from EasyToys Online Only. This has, besides a curved and pointed top, also a perineum massager, to stimulate the part between the scrotum and the anus. But do you have a slightly larger budget? Then go for the LELO Bruno Prostate Massager.

Would you like to choose a model yourself? Then look at the prostate massagers. Here all prostate dildos and vibrators are together. Note the dimensions. After all, you do not want to cheat with a prostate toy that is too small or too big!

Anal toys for women and men

You can use your fingers to stimulate your anus, but your nails may be too sharp for the fragile skin of your orbicular muscle. Therefore, preferably use a special anal toy. Do not use toys that are not made for your anus. These toys can come in because they generally do not have a widened bottom. There are several anal toys that are suitable:

A butt plug: You put an anal plug in and you do not need to be moved. A butt plug is suitable if you like a feeling of being full or if you do not want to play your anus actively. A butt plug that we recommend is the butt plug set Collection. These butt plugs are easy to insert and are conveniently removed by the pull ring. Moreover, the butt plugs of different sizes make it possible to go one step further.

Written by
Edward Welsh