You would like to try anal sex? Or have you had too much respect for it? We’ll tell you the best tips and tricks for the first time anal gets really good!

  1. Talk to your partner

Before you even have anal sex, you should talk to your partner about it. After all, this is an act that can be really good or really shitty. A key point is that you set limits and break even if one of them still feels uncomfortable. Relaxation is the highest rule. If you are tense, even with the best preparation, nothing will happen.

  1. Hygiene

Anal sex is not something you just do. It is important that you can completely relax and let it fall, otherwise you are in every way cramped and this is usually painful. To make you feel good, hygiene plays a big role. As a rule, it is sufficient to have a quick shower before sex and to cleanse the area around the anus. (We promise high and holy: Nothing can happen there anyway, you can feel it anyway, if you should go to the bathroom again.) If you still have the feeling that some feces in your anus-entrance or intestine could be, we recommend you one anal shower – for a good feeling. This gently cleans the so-called “inside of the anus”.

The anal shower: Classically, pump-ball anal restorations are the simplest and most effective way to clean the anus. Simply fill with lukewarm water and introduce with some lubricant into the anus. With a few pump surges, the anus is now cleaned. The cleaning should be started at least one hour before the anal sex and repeated two to three times. The questions come like Is it okay to walk exercise with butt plug on?

  1. Anal toys

For the first time anal sex less painful, you should stretch your anus a little with your fingers or sex toys. Make yourself comfortable in the bath. The warm water relaxes the body and muscles. With the fingers or an anal toy you can now slowly grope. First, the exterior of the anus is gently massaged. Thus, the muscles and sensitive points get used to the touch. It’s best to always use lube.

Analtoys: A small anal plug, with or without vibrations, offers gentle fun thanks to its conical shape and its soft material and makes the entry into anal play more pleasant. You can also use jeweled plugs fit for a queen. An anal plug is ideal for stimulating the anus, as well as for stretching, during foreplay of anal sex, together with the partner. Anal toys always have a handle that serves as a stopper that prevents too deep penetration into the anus. This ensures safe gaming at all times.

  1. Lubricant

Lubricant is a must with anal sex! The anus is not known to be wet, unlike the vagina. Most suitable are water-based lubricants, as they are gentle on the skin and mucous membranes. There are even special Anal Lubricants, which donate more moisture than others! In this case: Much helps a lot.

  1. Solo anal sex

You can also “learn” anal sex while masturbating. Just penetrate slowly with the toy or fingers into the anus while masturbating. Thus, the anus or DU can get used to the feeling perfectly and without pressure and then one is more relaxed during sex! You already know what’s coming!

  1. The right position

For the first time anal sex is recommended a relaxed sex position in which the passive partner can drop and the active partner can penetrate controlled. Very good is for example the spoon position in lying, riding position or sphinx.

Sphinx: One of the most popular anal positions among couples. The passive partner makes it comfortable on the stomach and easily angles one leg. The anus is relaxed and open-hearted. The active partner can penetrate smoothly from behind.

In general, experts recommend – especially in the first few times – to be stimulated already before clitoral and best of all so to come to orgasm. So you are more relaxed and the anal muscle itself relaxes. So while your partner licks you, he can slowly start to stretch his anus with his fingers or a sex toy and then slowly increase it!

  1. After anal sex

For post-treatment, it is recommended to clean the anus and the region around the anus once again. In addition, the sextoys must be washed with warm water and soap. And – we just say it, though it should be clear: fingers / toys / penises that were just in your anus are not part of your vagina. That can give you bad infections.

Welcome to the world of anal plugs. Take a look at the Anal Plug range and be inspired by this stimulation. Since the male P-spot (prostate point) can be found at the back door, it makes perfect sense to explore this erotic zone – hot orgasms are guaranteed. The prostate is a sensitive organ, which can be massaged by a variety of different anal plug shapes and sizes. The most common form of the Anal Plug is the cone shape. These can be turned and moved by hand so that the anal canal and the prostate are massaged pleasurably. In addition, there are longer anal plugs, with a wavy surface or with two connected balls. With an anal plug with this structure, you can erotically stimulate your anal pleasure zone in a varied way. To find the right shape for you, you can use one of the sets in the Shop at Anal Plug buy. These come with two or three anal plugs, which differ in their size and allow so hot experimentation.

Butt Plug – what should be considered?

Especially for beginners there are some tips to make anal games with Butt Plug pleasant and pleasurable. Especially important is the relaxation, because without the anal stimulation with Butt Plug nothing works. So, if you’re really on the move and feel like stimulating your P-spot, you can slowly move on. Start with a light massage of your anus and perineum with your fingers. Also, butt plugs with vibration are suitable because you can hold them out and get used to the tingling stimulation so slowly. When you feel ready, slowly insert the butt plug into your anus, preferably with a neat portion of lube. Since the back door is a muscle, it is important that you listen to your body and do not hurry. Once the butt plug is in, you can start with fine circular movements. Butt strokes also feel erotic with the butt plug, as they massage the prostate particularly well.

Written by
Edward Welsh