Most useful app ever! It tracks everything the pediatrician asked for and more! It's made my brand new Itzbeen obsolete.

- Rubi 03/17/2011


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Baby ESP helps parents and caretakers track when baby Eats, Sleeps, and Poops (ESP). Created with tired, stressed parents in mind, Baby ESP makes entering baby's activities as simple as pressing a button on a cell phone. And it works for more than one baby, too!

Time for others to care for baby? Just hand them Baby ESP! Easily transition to babysitters, grandparents, and other caregivers. The simple, intuitive interface lets others easily view baby's daily activities and enter new information. Now you will know what baby did while you were away, eliminating the questions "How long since he ate? How much did she eat? Did he take a nap?"

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For either breast or bottle feeders, Baby ESP makes tracking feedings a breeze. Breast feeders enter the time and length of feeding for each side. Bottle feeders enter the time and length of feeding and the quantity eaten. Either way you feed your baby, Baby ESP helps you track the time between feedings and the amount of food consumed and provides statistics that help you spot trends in your baby's feeding habits.


A baby's sleep patterns can seem so unpredictable. With Baby ESP, simply start a timer with each nap and the powerful statistics feature will show overall trends for the day, week, or month. Now you can better manage your baby's sleep schedule—and your own.


You never thought you'd care so much about another person's elimination process until you became a parent! For both wet and dirty diapers, Baby ESP helps you track your baby's regularity. Use the information provided to better calculate diaper needs for the day, manage diaper expenses, and check how many diapers you've changed.


When your baby is sick, it can be critically important to give the right dosage of medicine at the right time. Baby ESP can't tell you the right dosage, but after you enter medicine once it will remember for the next time.

Setup reminders so you will get notified and never miss another medication.


We know what it's like trying to remember things when caring for a little one, we forget everything! Baby ESP can help by allowing you to create a reminder for any activity you'd like to keep track of.

Setup a reminder to make sure you baby is eating every 4 hours or create a reminder for baby's medicine to make sure you never miss a dose.


One of the most powerful featuers of Baby ESP is syncing. Syncing connects the data on your phone to safe, secure online storage at BabyESP.com and allows you to share data with other user caregivers who have Android phones.

You and your spouse can easily track your baby from your own phone and keep up to date on your baby's activities when you are at work or away from home!

Syncing is done automatically in the background so you will never lose any of your data, and can restore everything to a new phone if you upgrade phones or have a hardware issue with your current phone.


Tracking your baby's information is useful, but sharing it with friends, family, doctors, and other caregivers is invaluable. Doctors can ensure your baby is healthy and growing by using Baby ESP to check eating and sleeping habits—email them all the detailed statistics and charts they need in a printable format from your phone! In addition, you can save or send information in a text format (CSV) that is easily imported into Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program or in HTML format that can be displayed and printed by Web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


Baby ESP's chart feature turns statistics into a visual representation of how your baby changes over time. For example, when people ask how long your baby sleeps uninterrupted through the night, you can show them the Longest Nap chart.

Charts for total sleep time, night sleep time, nap sleep time, average nap time, average awake time, bottle amount, diapers, and nursing time are also available